Store Philosophy and Mission

We are a Low Waste Store & Vegan Deli in Brixton, run by Claudia and her team.

We have a wide variety of products in our General Store. From grains and spices to cleaning products and toiletries, we try to cover all of your household needs. We even have on-the-spot peanut butter.

At Pipoca our mission is to offer low impact, vegan and organic food products, as well as toiletries, cleaning products and re-usable containers. Bring your own container, weigh your items and buy only what you need. 

How it Works at Store?

Bring in your own containers (jars, tupperware, old shampoo bottles, anything will do as long as they're clean!) or borrow one of ours, weigh them while they're still empty, fill up on our products, weigh your container again at the till and pay. It's as easy as that. 

We aim to help customers cut down on waste not only by eliminating the need for our products to be packaged but also by allowing customers to take only the amount they need, cutting down on waste.

How we do that?

We do three main things to cut down on our own waste: 

  1. Buy in bulk – this means we're getting the most amount of product for the least amount of packaging
  2. Choose the best suppliers
  3. We recycle properly