Sparkling Perry Dunkertons – 7.5% ABV – 50 cl

Sparkling Perry Dunkertons – 7.5% ABV – 50 cl

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Made in the same way as cider, but from perry pears rather than apples, it’s aromatic, delicate, gently fruity and very refreshing. Given its butt-kicking strength, it’s better sipped than gulped. Though relatively uncommon, the perry pear trees are easily identified in Herefordshire’s orchard landscape by their great height and cascading white blossom – the varieties used here include Merrylegs, Red Horse, Moorcroft, Painted Lady and Thorn.

Suitable to: Ovo Lacto vegetarians and vegans. This product is gluten-free.

General Facts and Information:

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2 – Fruity Dry

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Gluten Free,


*Please Note – We have taken every reasonable precaution and proceeded with due diligence, however, we cannot control the risk of cross-contamination in the whole distribution chain. Therefore we cannot guarantee the total absence of any particular allergens.