Rosato Veronese 'Tre Piume', Fasoli Gino

Rosato Veronese 'Tre Piume', Fasoli Gino

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There’s definitely a ‘textbook rosé’ feel about this excellent pink wine. The gentle red fruit presence with a smattering of herbs are firm evidence of this, but you’ll also discover a soft note of white pepper on the finish. It’s terrific on a warm summer’s evening as you’d imagine, but think on and try it with pasta or poached salmon for a step to one side.

Suitable to: Ovo Lacto vegetarians and vegans. This product is organic.

General Facts and Information:

Grapes : 

Corvina/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage : 


ABV : 


Style : 

2 – Fruity Dry

Type : 


Closure : 


Country : 


Further Information : 



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