Indian Ketchup- 250g

Indian Ketchup- 250g

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A savoury and spicy Indian inspired vegan sauce. 

  • Perfect with anything savoury or pouring over something meaty
  • A versatile condiment, marinade or cooking ingredient enjoyed by all ages
  • Made from our grandmother's recipes

Ingredients: Red Bell Peppers, Tomato Sauce (Tomatoes, Spice & Herb extracts, Celery), Red Chillies, Mint, Water, Sugar, Salt, Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Herbs & Spices.

Storage: Ambient

Product Claims: vegan, caffeine free, dairy free, gluten free, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, nut free, palm oil free, soya free, wheat free

Made In: Birmingham, UK

What's Unique: All of our sauces are made with our grandma's ("Auntie's") authentic recipes. They are the only artisan, Indian-inspired range of table sauces in the UK.

In All Honesty: Being 'Indian-inspired condiments' the perception is that they are all spicy & can only be eaten with Indian food. When tasted, they are usually purchased and repeat purchased. They change people's perception of what Indian food is and can be. They are ideal for gifting and are a premium, artisan product for food-loving customers.