Hot and sweet Punjabi hot sauce 390g

Hot and sweet Punjabi hot sauce 390g

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Hot and sweet Punjabi hot sauce 390g

  • Made with scotch bonnets, mango and fresh coriander.
  • Handmade in Greenwich by a family run business.
  • Adds a great fruity kick to sandwiches and salad dressings.

Ingredients: Sieved tomatoes (passata), onions, mango pulp, mango, red peppers, scotch bonnet chillies, garlic, brown sugar, coriander, salt, distilled vinegar, garlic powder

Storage: Ambient

Product Claims: vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free

Made In:  Greenwich, UK

What's Unique: All natural ingredients, with a 12 month shelf life. Unique slow cooking processes bring out deep flavours and fresh herbs provide an uplifting heat. Each flavour is named after a loved family member.

 In All Honesty: Packs a fiery punch. Suited to consumers who love heat. Ideal for butchers, fishmongers and delis with a dedicated chilli section.