Daas Ambré Blond - Gluten Free - 33cl - 6.5% ABV

Daas Ambré Blond - Gluten Free - 33cl - 6.5% ABV

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Daas Blond is brewed purely from organic all-barley malts and is a live beer that pours a pale, hazy golden colour with a thinnish white head. It has an attractive aroma of toffee and honey complemented with a touch of spice and lively banana fruit esters. On the palate, it is quite full and richly textured with coriander spice and cool lemony fruit. It also has some wheat beer characteristics with freshness and more than a little dry hoppy bite in the finish.

 Suitable to: Ovo Lacto vegetarians and vegans. This product is gluten-free.

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Gluten Free,


*Please Note – We have taken every reasonable precaution and proceeded with due diligence, however, we cannot control the risk of cross-contamination in the whole distribution chain. Therefore we cannot guarantee the total absence of any particular allergens.