Craft Cider Dunkertons, Hereford 5% ABV – 50cl

Craft Cider Dunkertons, Hereford 5% ABV – 50cl

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Dunkertons new flagship cider was always going to be of interest to us, and it’s as good as we’d hoped for. Characteristic rustic apple flavours dominate as you might expect, but there’s a little more residual sugar here, so it’s more of a medium-style than dry. That said the richness this cider contains is nicely held up by natural apple tannins so everything is beautifully balanced. It’s also a slightly sensible 5% ABV too.

 Suitable to: Ovo Lacto vegetarians and vegans.

General Facts and Information:

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3 – Medium

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*Please Note – We have taken every reasonable precaution and proceeded with due diligence, however, we cannot control the risk of cross-contamination in the whole distribution chain. Therefore we cannot guarantee the total absence of any particular allergens.